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Cilacap Batik: Natural Dyes with Main Motifs of Marine Life and Dipterocarpus littoralis (Pelahlar)

T Widiastuti1, A N Sulistyati1, Darwoto1, F A Dartono1, and S R Handayani1

1Faculty of Art and Design, Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia


It is pretty common for Cilacap-styled Batik to utilize plenty of natural dyes and takes the main motifs of marine life and their typical plants which is Pelahlar trees. This Cilacap Batik was developed by Cilacap’s traditional batik artisans by utilizing their local potential in techniques, aesthetics, as well as the symbolic values contained in the visual motifs. The distinctive value of Cilacap Batik can be seen in its use of environmentally friendly batik dyes, namely natural dyes that are made from plants that grows in its surrounding areas, mangroves and Indigofera to be precise. The utilization of natural dyes for its production is a form of creative solution from the community in response of environmental issues specifically in the issue of liquid waste produced from residual batik dyes which in hope, stops harming the environment. A qualitative method with data collection technique in the form of observation and interviews with Cilacap’s batik artisans and local businesses will be used for this research.

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