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Generation Z's Preference For Choosing A Visual Animation Style As A Medium For Promoting Environmental Sustainability

AI Santoso1

1Faculty of Art and Design, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


Many new media were introduced to increase public awareness of the importance of understanding environmental issues. Animation as a medium of communication has the ability to persuade and express many things that other mass communication media cannot do. Generation Z is a productive age that also holds the key in determining environmental sustainability in the future. This study tries to explore the preferences of Generation Z on the choice of visual animation style as a medium for promoting environmental sustainability on the YouTube platform. By conducting a survey on 100 Generation Z in Surakarta City, Indonesia, this study found that the visual aspect and the content aspect are the factors that determine the preferences of Generation Z to watch environmental animation films. This study also found the interest of Generation Z on the issues of global warming and climate change.

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